You must be thinking “How are individuals making so much money from the cryptocurrency market?”

What If I tell you the quick answer for that is “Just buy when it is low and keep it for a while and you would make millions”.  Regardless if you believe it or not, its a fact.

It is never a bad time to start trading in CryptoCurrency Market.  Just check out the Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization for the past year to have a better understanding.

Total Market Cap

Total Market Cap past year

The CryptoCurrency Market has been growing rapidlly over the past few years.  It had its ups and downs  but ultimately it has always been increasing.  In the past year 2017, CryptoCurrency Market has evolved tremedously and experts say this is just the starting point for the CryptoCurrency Market.

How much Bitcoin will turn you into a millionaire?

This is definitely not an easy question to answer. Bitcoin is not exactly stable and if you make investments today, you could make or lose funds along the line.

The second issue is when do you want to become a millionaire: Will it require 5 years, 10 years or 50 years? Will the dollar still be a currency with value? What would a million dollars have the capacity of purchasing in the next 20 years?

We could also base this on a possibility that all would go on as usual and there may be a low level of inflation in the coming years and you end up being extremely wealthy but sadly, there is no certainty in life.

Nonetheless, there are stories which could help your motivation.  For example, in the year 2010, a man named Laszlo Hanyecz who was a computer programmer situated in Florida made payment for a pizza using 10,000 Bitcoin which he had successfully mined. Today, the cost of that pizza would be worth 117 million dollars.

The tremendous growth in Bitcoin, therefore, brings a lot of hope to many individuals. As stated by Dan Schulman, PayPal CEO, there is high possibility that in the next 35 years, 1 Bitcoin would be worth around a million dollars.

Right now, Bitcoin is worth about $11,700.  The more you wait in purchasing cryptocurrency the longer it will take for you to become wealthy.

Is it a Good Choice to start Trading in Bitcoin now?

If you are a large investor you can start trading in bitcoin and make a good profit.  But the value of Bitcoin is high so you can start trading with other cryptocurrencies (altcoins) that have a more moderate value and grow with them.

The chart below will provide you with a more elaborate idea of how Bitcoin has risen these past years.

Bitcoin price change in the past 3 years; source:

Bitcoin price change in the past 3 years; source:

Make Millions In Altcoins?

Well, this is a certain yes. There is a lot of Altcoins to be found in the cryptocurrency Market.

Altcoins which are popularly traded include  Ethereum Classic, Ripple, Ethereum, Dash and many others.

Where should I buy Altcoins?

To invest in cryptocurrencies altcoins its best to register with one of the top regulated traders listed below.  These companies have good reviews and are known for their reliable investment recommendations.

Rank Broker Special Offer Min. Deposit Spreads From User Score Max leverage Regulation Available Currences Start Trading
1broker logo2% management fee and 100% spread rebate$2002 pips
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2broker logo$4000.01 pips
300:1CySEC, Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), ASICBitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, RippleVisit Site
3broker logoup to 50%, up to $20,000$1001 pips
400:1MiFID, Central Bank of Ireland, ASIC, FSC, BVIFSCBitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Etereum, LitecoinVisit Site
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