AvaTrade Overview

AvaTrade is one of the world’s leading Forex brokers. It was established in 2006, and now has branches in New York, Sydney, Tokyo, Dublin, Milan and other locations. AvaTrades is certified by MFID in the European Union and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and ASIC in Australia. In British Virgin Islands, it is regulated by BVI Financial Services Commission, while in Japan; it is under the regulation of the Financial Services Commission (FSC).

AvaTrade trading platform

AvaTrade trading platform


In AvaTrade, the stadard account requires only a $100 minimum deposit. AvaTrade offers leverage of 1:400 which could either be floating or fixed and variable spreads starting from 0.9 pips. With this spreads, AvaTrade has one of the best offers you can get from any internet broker.

The types of orders available at AvaTrade Include: Limit orders, Market orders, Entry Limits, Entry Stops, Stop Loss orders and Trailing Stops. There are also Advanced orders, which include One Cancels Other orders and IF Done orders.
To guarantee maximum security of funds, clients’ funds are kept in segregated accounts. Just like hedging, spread betting is also allowed. Spread betting is a trading system that involves long or short term staking of spread bets. This betting can be placed on over 200 different financial instruments with leverage of up to 400:1, and it is completely tax-free. This process is available on popular betting platforms such as MetaTrader 4, and can be either via a demo account or a live account.
Spread betting is however available only to traders in Ireland and in the United Kingdom.
One great thing I found when doing this AvaTrade review is that there is a special 21 day demo account given to newbies, to help them start off in Forex trading.


AvaTrade has always been a pacesetter amongst other Forex brokers. It was one of the first Forex brokers that introduced trading of Bitcoin and other digital currencies to ordinary retailers.
Beside of Bitcoin trading, AvaTrade offers traders a choice between several popular digital currencies Ethereum, LiteCoin, Ripple, Dash, bitcoin cash.
It also was among the first Forex brokers to introduce CFD trading on stocks indices and commodities.
The trading conditions of AvaTrade are very transparent, and that is refreshing to know.

AvaTrade also offers some other amazing features which make them better than other brokers. Such features include CFD Rollover which AvaTrade uses in swapping the price of a matured contract with that of a new one before the old one expires. By doing this, AvaTrade harmonizes the price difference between the old and new contract. AvaTrade also gives depositors with over $1000 deposit amounts access to Trading Central charting tools and free withdrawals.
The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is available in French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Taiwanese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, German and Portuguese,

AvaTrade Bonus

AvaTrade welcomes new clients with mouth-watering bonus when they open an account with them. A bonus of $40 goes to clients opening their account with $200, the bonus amount keeps increasing up to $10,000 bonus for clients opening an account with $50,000 deposit.
AvaTrade also has other unique programs like the Ava Select which offers clients whose trading volume exceeds $100,000 and those making single deposits of $100,000 and more, some amazing benefits such as tailored educational programs, a dedicated Ava Select hotline, express withdrawal approvals, customized trading terms and many other amazing benefits.


Apart from the exclusive benefits AvaTrade offers the clients on their Ava Select program, other clients with an AvaTrade account also get benefits such as daily analysis and access to lots of online courses and live webinars.

There are also other tools users can utilize in learning about Forex, such as the eBook Forex Trading Strategies, which teaches readers on how to make intelligent trading decisions by identifying trends from technical analysis and news.

AvaTrade also keeps users abreast of latest information by posting live market news on their channels.
AvaTrade has an Economic indicators page through which they give information about world economic indicators. These indicators are separated in such a way that makes them easy to understand. Clients in the United States have a dedicated indicator page that provides all relevant information concerning the US market, while those in the EU, Asia, China, Japan, etc. all have indicators tailored to serve them also.

AvaTrade economic calendar keeps their clients up to date with the latest and upcoming economic events. Users can filter the events by date, importance and instrument.
AvaTrade also uses their Trading A-Z section to provide clients all the necessary financial information, fundamental concepts and technical help they need to succeed in their online trading. This feature is however different from the glossary of all financial terms used as tabulated in alphabetical order.
Their Sharp Trader section connects traders to leading and professional traders.


Traders can fund their accounts via wire transfers and bank deposits with a minimum of $100. All live account holders can also deposit funds into their trading account using their Ava debit card.
For withdrawal purposes, users are required to complete and submit an online withdrawal form. This however takes several days to process.


AvaTrade also gives users a Forex Option Platform. They have the AvaOptions, which is the first online platform via which traders can trade OTC basic calls and Puts.

Customer Support

AvaTrade’s customer service is one of the best you can find in the market. They are open whenever the markets are open. The customer service unit provides support in different languages, and can be accessed from 34 countries through phone call, email and live chat.


AvaTrade simplifies the trading process through their website which is loaded with features that makes it easy for traders to get everything they need for effective trading. The website has sub-sections in the order section, thereby breaking down the already simplified information so that traders can grasp the concepts one step at a time. We will recommend that they implement higher spreads and shorter withdrawal, but overall, we like the flexibility of AvaTrade

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