Meet the guy who flips burgers on a roadside by day and manages a £9 million ($12.75m) trading funds by night.

The 34-year-old Stephen Bliss , has become one of the top traders worldwide and says anyone can get into trading just like he did.

Bliss, is a burger van owner at The Sizzling Griddle off the A174, in Redcar, Yorks providing truckers with hot tea and bacon rolls.

Now he’s considering hanging up his apron after making a £9million while trading stocks and shares online at night from his home in Redcar.

He began trading with a demo trading account just for practice. “I didn’t want to start throwing real money at it and end up losing it all,” he says.

Burger Guy at the day turn into Trader at night, source: DailyMail

Bliss says he enjoyed learning about it because he knew that the returns will be far greater than what he would get from putting money in the bank.

“After some time, I got the hang of it and started feeling confident and began putting some real money in. Every year has been positive but this year I’ve returned 935 percent.  I don’t let it affect me now, but when I first reached $1m I thought ‘wow’.”

Bliss said that trading stocks and shares online is easy.

But anyone who wants to start trading should educate themselves first. “You have to know what you are doing and what you’re investing in, how to read the charts and understand technical analysis.  It’s definitely not something you can just jump into. ” he explains

Educate yourself first

Educate yourself first

Here are Stephen’s trading tips for begginers
• You MUST become emotionless.
• Educate yourself first – “You have to know what you are doing and what you’re investing in, how to read the charts – technical analysis”.
• It’s definitely not something you can just jump into without any skill, but with the right guides you can be successful trader.

Bliss recommends taking a beginner’s seminar. “You find, when you transition to trading properly, your mentality changes and it affects the way you trade.  You’ll take positions that are in profit quickly, when they start going the wrong way you tend to hold it longer.  You have to take all emotions out of it. It’s a big learning curve.” Bliss says

“Now I want to step back from the catering business and focus on the trading full-time.” He says.

Thanks to his learnings and persistence he can now do so.

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The article was originaly published on DailyMail:

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